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Dog walking jobs, no experience. Is this what you’re after? Well, if you were a dog owner, would you hand over your beloved pooch, a part of your family, to just any stranger with no track record for caring and handling irreplaceable valuables?

Would it surprise you that mobile-friendly dog walking service apps such as Rover and would charge you well over $20 to run a background check on you just to give some confidence to their customers that you might be qualified to walk or pet sit their dogs?

Dog walking jobs, no experience necessary is a bit of a pipe-dream. And yet…

  • If you just plain love dogs…
  • If you want to meet some good people and cute animals while enjoying the great outdoors…
  • If you pine for making your own schedule and accepting a job whenever you want…
  • If you love the idea of choosing to work with whichever dog you wanted…
  • If you want yourself out there for pet owners to easily find you, naming your own price and expanding your own list of clients without having to pay off some electronic middleman for all of that, then this website is for you.

This site is about dog walking jobs, no experience necessary to start  because, by the time you’re done reading through all of our thorough articles, you will be knowledgeable enough to begin gaining the experience necessary to get all the dog walking jobs that you can handle!

Wanting Dog Walking Jobs… No Experience Starting A Dog Walking Business?

“Wait a minute!” you say, “This sounds awfully like having to start a dog walking business of my own.” Yeah, so? Do you think that getting hired by some dog walking company might keep you from knowing what dogs should be avoided or have serious behavioral issues? Would they allow you to avoid owners who sometimes lie about how well behaved their dogs are? When you’re an employee you go where you’re told or get thee out!

Wouldn’t you prefer to call the shots on who you’d work for and which dog you develop a special bond with?

“Alright,” you may say. “I’ll just use an app!”

Fine. What if you chose to use a dog walker app? Do you think these companies won’t take a substantial cut from your earnings just for your use of their technology? What about using their over-saturated websites where nothing distinguishes you from a mass of competitors except your lowest price? So the tool managed to schedule a dog walk for you. But let’s say you have to drive there. Will you make any money after factoring in your drive time, gas, parking and all their fees? Ah! And don’t forget you get dinged and rated whether the customer is right or not about what really happened between the two of you.

Wouldn’t you prefer to ensure you develop a relationship with your customers to a point of mutual trust and respect, because they come to depend on your service and pay you premium price since you’re so exclusively dedicated to pleasing them and not just any stranger that might ping you on an app for a one-time hour’s walk?

Frankly, the job of dog walking is the walk itself. It’s not the company that hires you to do it. And since all dog walking is local, all you need to know is where the local dogs needing a walk live at, so you can go talk to their owners directly and make a deal. See? Simple. Do you need experience just to have a plain conversation with someone wanting their dog walked?

Well, if you do, then keep reading and learn how to get the gig.

  • Gain the confidence necessary to know how to draw attention to yourself just by doing what you love.
  • Find out how to convince people, who want the best for their pets, about how much you can care for them like no other.
  • Learn about how to price your services and deliver them safely.
  • Discover how to train the dogs you walk to obey you, so you can have a more enjoyable experience and impress your clients.

You’ll find this and much more at this site, and all of it free! So stick around.

If you landed here while looking for a way to get dog walking jobs, no experience for it, then this is the right place to start your search. Start with our “How To Start Dog Walking” article and move next to our Free Business Guide On Starting a Dog Walking Business. It will show you how to become a dog walker from very humble beginnings. Then get going on putting your new found knowledge to work and return to share your experience with us. You can reach us through our Contact Us form or leave your comments in our blog posts.

Tell us what else you need to eliminate your inexperience and to advance your success further toward getting your dog walking jobs despite your no experience situation. We’re here to help!

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